Technology Park

First IGBC Platinum Rated Green Landscape Corporate | 100% of waste water treatment | 2.82 Lakh Litres of Rain Water Holding Capacity

Our Technology Park is home to a diverse and innovative business community. Our 22 acres of campus offers an inspiring environment for collaboration, exchanging ideas and knowledge-sharing.

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Our Features :

Unique Location
The Technology Park is spread across 22 acres, in close proximity to the heart of the city.
Aesthetically Pleasing Landscape
The Tech Park's design is an exemplary blend of technology with its natural surroundings. We have combined elements of both science and art to give a magnificent panoramic view.
Home to leading Multinational Organisations.
A hub specifically designed to suit the needs of various multinational companies. It is spread across vast area to accomodate a large workforce.
Premier commercial space at competitive rates
Elegance combined with art at the most competitive rates along with best tectonic quality is the earmark of Velankani Tech Park.We provide premier commercial spaces at the most affordable prices.
Balance between built environment and nature
We have paid special attention to maintain an environmental balance and bring out a sense of tranquility and regeneration within the Tech Park.
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IGBC Features :

Water Conservation
  • 100% of waste water is treated and reused for irrigation.
  • About 55% of rainwater generated on site is harvested and reused on site.
  • Rain water collection pit with a holding capacity of 2.82 lakh litres of water.
Selection of Species
  • More than 50% of the plants are native.
  • 30 different drought tolerant plants are used in the landscape.
  • Mosquito repellant plants are planted in the seating area.
  • 70% of the landscape area is designed to attract habitat.
Site Planning and Management
  • The landscape has been designed to have minimum disturbance of the site area.
  • The majority of the non-roof area is covered with tree shade.
  • Natural swales are designed so as to prevent stagnation of water as well as soil erosion.
Operation and Maintenance
  • We have made provisions for waste management and treatment.
  • Water meters are installed for various water usage.
  • Color coded bins are provided at different places.
  • Educational signs for trees and birds are provided.
Health and Well Being
  • An amphitheatre is provided in the campus for social gatherings.
  • Benches and tables are provided at various locations for outdoor meetings and relaxation.
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Why Choose Us


22 Acre Campus

Velankani Technology Park is a 22 acre campus located in Electronics City Phase 1, Bangalore. The initiatives undertaken on campus have brought about a huge impact towards a greener environment.


IGBC Rating

The Tech Park has been honored with the eminent and renowned ‘Platinum Rating’ award under IGBC. It has been acknowledged and acclaimed as the First IGBC “Platinum Rated Green Landscape” Corporate in the country.


Global Companies

Velankani Tech Park is fast becoming a vantage point for umpteen global companies. We offer the best of office spaces to stimulate the development of corporates all over the world.



The Velankani Tech Park has multiple on-site amenities including meeting spaces, parking facility, recreational features, on-site security, food servicess and many more.